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Wang Globalnet is seeking a permanent, full-time Purchasing Manager for the current location of the company, 2465 Fruitland Avenue, Vernon, CA 90058.

Key job duties include:

  • Establish and implement purchasing policies, procedures and best practices.

  • Monitor ongoing compliance with purchasing policies and procedures.

  • Direct procurement policies to ensure all items are purchased and delivered within budget and time constraints.

  • Identify and source new suppliers and vendors.

  • Manage vendor and supplier selection process based on price, quality, support, capacity and reliability.

  • Develop and maintain strategic relationships with key suppliers and vendors.

  • Communicate with the marketing and sales team to effect working strategies for purchasing.

  • Establish and update an approved vendor/supplier database.

  • Develop, negotiate and administer purchasing agreements and contracts with suppliers in support of organizational requirements.

  • Evaluate contracts to ensure compliance with legal requirements and organizational policies.

  • Monitor supplier and vendor compliance with contractual agreements.

  • Measure and manage the vendor and supplier cost, quality and delivery performance.

  • Oversee supplier compliance with internal quality standards and external regulations.

  • Troubleshoot cost, quality and delivery concerns.

  • Manage risk relating to quality, cost, delivery and supply of purchases.

  • Introduce performance improvement measures for suppliers and vendors.

Minimum qualifications include: Bachelor’s + 5 years of full time experience in purchasing, planning or marketing (“PPM”) or related, or Master’s in business or related majors with 2 years of experience in PPM or related.

If interested, please send resume to Wang Globalnet at 2465 Fruitland Avenue, Vernon, CA 90058, attn.: Michael Kwon.



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