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[Posting Date: 04/05/2024]

Wang Globalnet is seeking a permanent, full-time Food Product Development Scientist for the current location of the company, 2465 Fruitland Avenue, Vernon, CA 90058.

Key job duties include:

Conduct market research to identify consumer trends, preferences, and emerging ingredients or technologies relevant to the food industry.

Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including marketing and sales, to conceptualize new food product ideas or improvements to existing products, considering factors like target audience and market positioning.

Develop and refine food product recipes, balancing taste, texture, aroma, and nutritional attributes. Experiment with various ingredients and combinations to achieve desired product characteristics.

Choose the right ingredients and suppliers to ensure the quality and consistency of the final product. This may involve sourcing unique or specialty ingredients.

Ensure that all products meet food safety and regulatory standards, including labeling, nutritional information, and compliance with relevant health and safety regulations.

Organize and participate in sensory panels to evaluate the taste, appearance, and overall sensory attributes of new food products.

Develop prototypes or pilot batches of new products for testing and refinement.

Optimize manufacturing processes to scale up production while maintaining product quality and consistency.

Work to control production costs and meet target pricing objectives without compromising product quality.

Establish and maintain quality control procedures to ensure that products consistently meet quality standards.

Conduct shelf-life studies and stability testing to determine the product's durability and shelf-life under various conditions.

Explore and implement sustainable practices and ingredients in product development to align with environmental and consumer preferences.

Address any issues that arise during product development or manufacturing, working to find creative solutions and maintain product integrity.

Gather and analyze consumer feedback through surveys, focus groups, or taste testing to refine products based on consumer preferences.

Continuously seek innovative solutions and technologies to enhance product development processes and create unique food products.


Minimum qualifications include: Bachelor’s in Food Science, Food Technology, Nutrition, Biology, Chemistry, or related. Salary is $56,000.

If interested, please send resume to 2465 Fruitland Avenue, Vernon, CA 90058, attn.: Michael Kwon.

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