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Wang Globalnet is seeking a permanent, full-time Sales Manager for the current location of the company, 2465 Fruitland Avenue, Vernon, CA 90058.


Key job duties include:

-          Develop and review standards, policies and procedures for all functions involved with or related to sales activities.

  •           Determine annual and gross-profit plans by forecasting and developing annual sales quotas, projecting expected sales volume and profit for existing and new products, analyzing trends and results, and monitoring costs, competition, supply, and demand.

-          Implement the annual business plan and expense budget for the sales in the market; realizing the monthly sales and profit objectives; and, conducting the affairs of the sales team in a fashion conducive to achieving its sales goals and maximizing the return on the company.

  •           Responsible for making monthly and quarterly sales plan report and presenting results to senior management.

  •           Identify and exploit opportunities for expansion of the company brand in the target demographics. Commission market analysis, and identify marketing opportunities by identifying consumer requirements, defining market, competitors’ shares, and competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, forecasting projected business, and establishing targeted market share.

  •           Determine and implement competitive pricing of products for maximum return and competitiveness, and market penetration, by gathering and analyzing relevant data.

  •           Based on market analyses, identify, and collect data about popular products on a weekly basis and determine (and adjust as necessary) optimal pricing for those products.

-          Assure that all sales agreements and other documents necessary to the sale of the company products are completed accurately and in full compliance with all local, state, and federal laws, and submitted to the accounting team in a proper and timely fashion.

  •           Review inventory reports on a biweekly basis and decide on whether, and how much, to discount pricing for inventories not sold in the planned sales period.

-          Receive and review all customer satisfaction surveys and customer complaints and trends, and perform sales service failure analysis and corrective actions with appropriate personnel.

  •           Sustain rapport with key accounts by making periodic visits, exploring specific needs, and anticipating new opportunities.

  •           Create a work environment that promotes teamwork and cooperation, where sales personnel can prosper, find rewards in their efforts, and, be continuously motivated and challenged to improve their performance.

  •           Exercise authority in regard to hiring, firing, training, delegation of assignments according to needs and capabilities, preferences and sales goals, discipline, promotions, and remuneration. Conduct performance reviews, ensuring that the subordinate staffs follow the company procedures. 

  •           Perform other sales related duties as assigned.

Minimum qualifications include: Bachelor’s in any major plus 5 years of full-time post-baccalaureate experience in sales, marketing or related, or master’s in business, sales, marketing or related plus 2 years of experience in sales, marketing or related.


If interested, please send resume to 2465 Fruitland Avenue, Vernon, CA 90058
Attn.: Michael Kwon

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